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Digital Marketing Tips 2017

I've been asked A LOT on "How to Do Digital Marketing." I've spent hours meeting for coffee and having quick phone calls. I am forever appreciative of those who have reached out to me. After answering a lot of similar questions, these are my top three questions and bonus tip I get asked:

1) What photo editing app do you use?

I've tested and used a lot but my go to is Snapseed by Google. Honestly, for the longest time I wouldn't edit my photos. However, the Snapseed app makes photo editing super easy and fast. I like to get my content out quickly and thank goodness for this app.

2) I didn't know you know how to use Photoshop. Is it hard?

I actually don't know how to use Photoshop. I am not a graphic designer at all. I use a program called Canva, which can be used on the desktop and/or app. I use both. It's been a lifesaver.

3) Can you show me how to use hashtags? I hate them.

I do too! Lol. I actually don't, but when I realized the intent of hashtags, it all clicked. First, are you trying to be discoverable? If you are, you need to use a variety of hashtags, and YES, it's okay to use ALL 30 on Instagram. The Tag-O-Matic app takes the "work" out for you. Here is the video on how I learned how to use it. Honestly, just follow Danielle Ford, who I found from Brandy Marie Johnson. These two women have provided me so much free information. I am so grateful.

4) What tools do you use?

Right before I made this video, a friend of mine who works for one of Maui's greatest entertainers EVER, wanted to know what tripod do I use. I use and recommend Arkon Mount. I've had a handful of tripods, the two I have from Arkon are my last one's left.

Here's my quick two minute video on "How to Do Digital Marketing." As much as I've enjoyed meeting people for coffee, I won't be able to as much in 2018. If you would like to hire me to do trainings, social media take overs, and/or need a referral for a professional video to take your business to the next level, send me an email.

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