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Welcome to my blog!

Aloha and welcome to my blog. My name is Noelani Sugata, and I am a solopreneur living on Maui. My main client is the Paia Town Association. I am their Executive Director. I have been working in Paia for a little over a year. When I'm not working for them, I do low bono work for the Paia Youth & Cultural Center with their development program, and I sit on the board at the Maui AIDS Foundation. I also help small businesses in Paia with social media and events on Maui. Here are some of my projects for 2016:

Paia Mural

The Paia Mural came to life because long time Haiku resident and former windsurfing champion Angela Cochran, wanted to bring the amazing John "Prime" from 808urban to paint the dull wall in the Lower Paia Parking Lot. The Paia Town Association purchased the paint and we helped facilitate the event. I was so thankful to be a part of this event.

Rubbish Removal Program

Prior to 2015, Paia Town lacked trash receptacles. In 2016, the PTA installed six receptacles in heavily used areas in Paia. Our town is now much cleaner with help from the Maui County Office of Economic Development, and our janitor Rory Pico.

Honolulu Fashion Week 2016

I was fortunate event to do behind the scenes social media at Honolulu Fashion week for make-up artist Allan Cool. He was the lead creative for Manaola Hawaii. I took this behind the scenes video of Allan doing the body paint on Alana.

Yuki Lei Sugimura for Maui County Council

When I was first thinking of moving to Maui, I met Yuki Lei Sugimura at one of her events on Maui. After being hired by the Paia Town Association, I kept on running into her at various hearings at the Maui County Council Chambers and community meetings. I helped Yuki with social media during her last push before the elections. Congratulations Yuki!

With legendary navigator Kiki Hogue and Yuki Sugimura

If you would like to work with me to cover social media for your event and/or if you need help growing your audience, send me an email!

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