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Nā Kamehameha Commemorative Pāʻū Parade & Ho‘olaule‘a

Nā Kamehameha Commemorative Pāʻū Parade & Ho‘olaule‘a was held in Lahaina on June 17 & 18 under the Lahaina Banyan Tree. The event was coordinated by Daryl Fujiwara, of SFD Hawaii. The parade took place on Front Street on Saturday, June 17th, and started at 9:45 a.m. I was stationed at Longhi's restaurant with my good friend Hue Oldham to do social media for the event. Once the parade was over, the celebration continued under the banyan tree with awards for the parade winners and entertainment. The event wrapped up on Sunday with more live music, Maui made vendors, and keiki activities. Mahalo Daryl for all your hard work!

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